History of the IKG

On the Founding of the ILKS

From November 2003 to May 2009 the so-called "Kestenberg Project" devoted itself to the life and work of Leo Kestenberg.This project initiated a collaboration between staff of the Universität der Künste Berlin and the Leo Kestenberg Musikschule Berlin, whose major common aim was the organization of an International Leo Kestenberg Symposium in Berlin.This was realized in December 2005, thanks to numerous partners domestically and abroad, with lectures, concerts, an exhibition opening and a podium and people who experienced Kestenberg during his lifetime.

Next to distinguished scholars, musicians and music educators, numerous individuals who were actually personally acquainted with Kestenberg were also invited. So, for instance, the 93-year-old composer Josef Tal from Tel Aviv, who experienced Kestenberg in the  Berlin of the early 1920s, took up the invitation.

The successful symposium has  produced a stimulating and sustained after-effect. Amongst various consequences has been the setting-up of this website. A book has also appeared with the scholarly contributions to the symposium, and the preparation of a collected edition of the works of Kestenberg for publication has begun. Apart from this an intensive collaboration between the university archive of the Universität der Künste and the Israeli Music Archive of the University of Tel Aviv  has developed, and a lively pupil-exchange between the Leo Kestenberg Musikschule in Berlin and the Givatayim Conservatorium in Tel Aviv, originally founded by students of Kestenberg,  has come to life. Finally,  the idea of founding an "International Leo Kestenberg Society" took on  concrete form.

Since 2009 the International Leo Kestenberg Society has taken over the aims and tasks of the "Kestenberg Project" and promotes these where possible. This concerns in particular the co-operation between the Leo-Kestenberg-Musikschule and the university archive of the Universität der Künste, Berlin (UDK), as well as the Israeli Music Archive of the University of Tel Aviv (TAU).