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Our intention with this website is to report on the latest international Kestenberg research, to collect information and to support or initiate projects that have to do with Kestenberg's life and work.

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Setting-Up of a Leo Kestenberg Databank

A basic piece of preliminary work was provided by Ann-Kathrin Seidel in setting up an index for the contents of the Kestenberg Estate to be found in the Archive of Israeli Music. This index is being expanded, taking in all verifiable Kestenberg documents. Items which especially come into question are relevant documents in the archives of the Berlin Akademie der Künste, the archives of the Israeli Philharmonic, the National Sound Archive of the Hebrew University Jerusalem, as well as items to be found in private collections. All persons, institutions and places of research  active in the fields of Kestenberg research or historical music education research are kindly requested therefore to convey their source material  to the ILKS and to register relevant publications with us.


Symposia, Scholarly Forums.

The ILKS promotes Kestenberg with the realization of a range of events (e.g. symposia, forums, exhibitions), and through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional projects. The multi-media documentation informs about earlier events and initiatives.


Historical Eye-Witnesses

Numerous former pupils, as well as relatives who encountered him personally are still living. The historical eye-witness investigations begun in the summer of 2004 by Theda Weber-Lucks and Ann-Kathrin Seidel will be continued, together with the multi-media documentation of eye-witness interviews. On the one hand we hope to experience more about Kestenberg from those who knew him. On the other hand we would like to know what happened to his former pupils. How did their lives and careers develop after the often formative experiences in early music lessons with Leo Kestenberg? What role in the life of a person can be played by a piano or music lesson, which is so conceived that it can open new horizons for a pupil in themes from philosophy, literature and art, while at the same time being tailored to the individual needs of the pupil? Up till now conversations with the following people have been documented: Jehuda Bacon(Israel), Edith Kraus (Israel), Ricci Horenstein (Great Britain), Aharon Shefi (Israel), Ilana Shmueli (Israel), Uri Töplitz (Israel), Josef Tal (Israel), Menachem Pressler (USA) and Zeev Steinberg (Israel). Further information concerning historical eye-witnesses, particularly with the possibility of making further contacts amongst those still living, is gratefully received.








Original Interviews:  Encounters with Leo Kestenberg.

Conducted by Ann-Kathrin Seidel and Theda Weber-Lucks. The unedited original interviews are accessible in the archives of the Universität der Künste.(University of the Arts) in Berlin on DVD. and can be viewed there. They were commissioned by the Leo Kestenberg Music School, Berlin and the Universität der Künste. Copyright is with the authors and those interviewed. (See eye-witness research.)


Radio Broadcasts

Deutschlandradio Kultur put to air on the 19.12.2005 a music theme evening, "Leo Kestenberg" broadcast by Volker Michael. It included live recordings of the evening concert "Hommage a Busoni" and of the podium discussion involving historical eye-witnesses from the Berlin Leo Kestenberg Symposium of 2005; as well as interviews with the musicologist Susanne Fontaine and the historian Dietmar Schenk. (A copy of the broadcast is available on demand.)

Kestenberg - by Ann-Kathrin Seidel and Theda Weber-Lucks. Commissioned by the Leo-Kestenberg-Musikschule and the Universität der Künste Berlin. (Copyright is with the authors and those interviewed).There are conversations with: Jehuda Bacon (Israel), Rachel Epstein (Israel), Edith Kraus (Israel), Aharon Shefi (Israel), Ilana Shmueli (Israel), Uri Töplitz (Israel), Josef Tal (Israel), Menachem Pressler (USA) and Seev Steinberg (Israel). The unedited original interviews are to be found in the archives of the Universität der Künste Berlin on DVD and can be viewed there.

A DVD with commentary, containing excerpts from the interviews, is showed as part of the exhibition, "Leo Kestenberg (1882 - 1962) - the Unity of Artistic and Social Responsibility - a Vision?" A part of the interviews forms the foundation of the symposium contribution of Theda Weber-Lucks: Leo Kestenberg and His Pupils. This essay appeared in: Leo Kestenberg. Musikpädagoge und Musikpolitiker in Berlin, Prag, und Tel Aviv (Leo Kestenberg, Music Educator and Public Policy Maker for Music in Berlin, Prague and Tel Aviv), edited by Susanne Fontaine and Ulrich Mahlert, et al, Rombach: Freiburg 2008.