The International Leo-Kestenberg-Society IKG

is dedicated to the life's work of the pianist, music pedagogue and arts education advocate Leo Kestenberg (1882 - 1962) As a senior Prussian ministerial civil servant between the world wars he set new standards with his cultural policies.His innovative education impulses led to far-reaching reforms in the field of music education (the so-called Kestenberg Reform).After his forced immigration in 1932 he was active in Prague and Paris and continued his artistic and pedagogical work from 1938 onwards in Tel Aviv, where he became an Israeli citizen in 1948. In 1953 the International Society for Music Education (ISME) voted him its first honorary president.

The INTERNATIONAL LEO KESTENBERG SOCIETY seeks to present an overview of national and international activities pertaining to the life and achievements of Leo Kestenberg and to make the results of both research and practice accessible to a wider public. In doing so it is dedicating itself to an historically very influential phase of music education, and engaging itself with the political influence of Kestenberg's cultural and educational ideas against the background of current debates.

 The INTERNATIONAL LEO KESTENBERG SOCIETY is oriented towards individuals and institutions active in the field of Kestenberg research or historical music education research, as well as all those who would like to support the aims of the Society.





- documentation and exploration of Leo Kestenberg's political work in the service of education

- documentation of the collected publications of Kestenberg.

 - collaboration with persons, institutions and archives active in Kestenberg research or research in the history of music education.

- summary of the national and international activities in the research into the life, work and influence of Kestenberg.

- making accessible the results of research and practice.

- erection of a global network for the creation of contacts.

-  encouragement of and support for international scholarly exchange.

- organization of scholarly congresses, as well as inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional projects.

-  editing and publication of articles and books in the area of Kestenberg research